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I serve at the intersection of innovation, technology and design in three capacities. As a technology marketing leader, I help venture-backed technology companies connect with their audiences through iFusion; I am publisher and editor of BeyondMVP, a blog for startups and about startups in the South, and I am organizer of TEDxPeachtree, the largest TEDx group in Georgia. All three roles allow me to connect thinkers with doers and makers with investors. All three roles allow me to contribute to the innovation economy in Atlanta and other startups hubs in the Southeast.


I started on this journey when I moved to Atlanta 18 years ago and along the way I’ve had some extraordinary experiences and met amazing individuals; many of whom are shaping our future here in the state and beyond. While my work in digital strategy and technology entrepreneurship — specifically working with women and people of color– has been recognized by my peers, [I was named a Spelman College Women of Color Conference Game Changer in 2015 and am a recipient of the Chozen Awards and the Digitini Awards.] there is still much work to be done in ensuring diversity of gender and ethnicity in the tech sector.


On a personal note, I am also passionate about mental health and specifically bi-polar disorder. I was always aware of the trials of mental illness having had friends who suffered from depression. But being diagnosed with bi-polar disorder in 2005 heightened this awareness. Even as reports illuminating our understanding of many other chronic conditions continue apace, the same cannot be said about mental health or bi-polar disorder which continues to be one of the least understood conditions and difficult to diagnose. I gave a talk at TEDActive about my journey with bi-polar disorder and the need for more people remove the stigma of mental illness by simply being willing to learn about it and talk openly about it.

This blog serves as the home for my opinions and reactions to the technology, people and trends that are impacting the innovation economy as well a other non-tech related issues that matter to me.


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