Paul Judge’s Latest Project is a Robotic Bartender



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Entrepreneur, technologist and investor Paul Judge latest project is a robotic bartender. Judge met the two founders of Monsieur, a startup developing an intelligent robotic bartender, when they were serving drinks using an early prototype. This prototype captured Judge’s attention and he “instantly imagined it as a luxury product brand that could be in the top nightclubs, fine hotels and in homes.”


“I’m always looking for ambitious people and great ideas,” said Judge. “I make an effort to stay engaged with early entrepreneurs and even people that are at the idea stage and wondering how to build a business.”

According to Judge, Monsieur has the potential to be the next big thing in the convergence of home robotics and mobility. He also believes it could be the start of a billion-dollar consumer hardware company. And it appears Judge is not alone in this assessment. The Monsieur Kickstarter campaign has already attracted $100,000 from participants with 24 days more to go.

Want a Monsieur in your home? For a contribution of $2,699, you can be among the first to have one shipped right to your home; shipping not included.

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