Predikto partners with New York Air Brake



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New York Air Brake has adopted the Predikto MAX auto-dynamic machine learning engine for its train control technology offerings. The predictive analytics component will be integrated into Air Brake’s Locomotive Engineer Assist/Display & Event Recorder (LEADER) product.

In an official statement, Predikto’s CEO Mario Montag said:

Partnering with a premier technology company in the rail industry, such as New York Air Brake, will allow Predikto’s award-winning platform to make a defining impact on the rail industry.”

The MAX Platform

Predikto’s MAX is a predictive analytics platform that studies the performance of industrial equipment to reduce asset failures. It is a self-learning artificial intelligence solution that adapts itself to rapid changes in order to provide forecasts across multiple use-cases. The incorporation of Predikto’s technology will improve safety and clarify maintenance and performance indicators. By integrating with Air Brake’s LEADER product, MAX will be able to determine the line of road and weather conditions to secure the safety of the railways.

From equipment detection in North America to forecasting failures and health in rail equipment within bullet trains in Europe, the Max platform has encountered much success in the rail industry.

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