Startup Riot 2013 in Pictures + a Little Commentary



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Startup Riot 2013 in Pictures

Storified by Jacqui· Thu, Feb 21 2013 06:36:50

I had the pleasure of attending Startup Riot yesterday and as always, this annual landmark Georgia startup event didn’t disappoint. Here are event highlights curated from images and tweets shared by conference attendees.

Tabernacle decked out in Startup Riot colors.

Checking out the Atlanta startup scene #sriot13 Ramalho
Event organizer and founder Sanjay Parekh kicking things off.
Kicking off @StartupRiot atlanta this morning front row. #sriot13 Trotter

A memorable keynote by T.A. McCann (@tamccann), vice president of BBM and Social at BlackBerry.

@tamccann sharing great anecdotes at Startup Riot #sriot13 Cummings
Keynote Highlights…
On getting it done:
Separate the idea from the commitment. Thinking about & sharing ideas is great. Commit to what counts. @startupriot #sriot13 @tamccannAcuityCFO
#sriot13 @tamccann status reports: did, doing, need help!Rob Jones
@tamccann On stage at #sriot13 "build persistence and fortitude- how am I going to be tough enough" @TheCloudyDayspaola moretto
Bottom line, 80% of success is about showing up. @tamccann #sriot13 You gotta show up, you gotta give something back.AcuityCFO
Half of life is just showing up. @tamccann met @bfeld at "group run" @ Denver conference b/c they were only 2 people to show up. #sriot13Chris
On getting through adversity…
Create moments of delight and AMPLIFY…Those moments will get you through the tough times. #sriot13 #lifeadvice from @tamccannKristin V Marsicano
On the “why” of your startup…
Keynote @tamccann asks how are you making people’s lives better. #sriot13 Steinhilber
Make people’s lives better. – @tamccann #sriot13Pavo
On the “how” of your startup…
Build a culture of customer engagment, by @tamccann (Gist held mtngs every Wed night with customers) #sriot13John Melonakos
"I think this is problem. Do u have? How big is it? How have you tried to solve it?" – @tamccann advocating #customerdiscovery. #sriot13Chris
"Influence the influencers" @tamccann #sriot13Rick Makerson
reasons for failing poor timing and not understanding your customers, one of these is controllable! #sriot13 @tamccanngaia shamis
On work life harmony [this editor’s favorite]…
#sriot13 – @tamccann – work life harmony, not work life balance.Sylvia France

And then there were the pitches; all 30 of them.

The well-received...

IS3D from Athens, Ga.
Science learning #sriot13 pitch from @is3donline seems poised for success! Already partnered with NIH… Woodroof
@is3donline is using gaming engines to engage students in science classes. Pretty cool. #sriot13 #everythingsoundscoolwithanaccentRick Makerson
@is3donline will start with biology! AWESOME! #biogonetech #sriot13gaia shamis
Really want @is3donline to work. Hope they’ve got the right product for teaching problem solving skills. #sriot13Ryan Anderson
Excelegrade from Atlanta, Ga.
Wow +1RT@151locust: Great pitch from @Excelegrade CEO. Got a second round of applause from #sriot13 crowd. Well done.Ashish N Thakur
NAILED IT! Great pitch for @Excelegrade Saving teachers time & personalizing learning. #sriot13 Woodroof
Best presentation yet. Great job @Excelegrade. If my toes weren’t frozen, I would’ve given you a standing ovation. #sriot13ashley wilson
So proud of @excelegrade nailing her pitch at #sriot13. If anyone can crack the edu mkt, they can. #edtechGordon Rogers
.@Excelegrade for President 2016!!!!! #sriot13Anna Ruth Williams
Best pitch of the day is from @excelegrade. #sriot13Colin Ake

The unusual…

Wagglez from Athens, Ga.
Bee costume. My mouth is literally hanging open…. #sriot13andrew sims
an #sriot13 presenter just shook his bee butt on stage. i don’t know how to explain it further.The Andrew
Here’s the bee butt on stage #sriot13 imagine it wagging. Chew
Close up of bee butt. Those of you at #sriot13 yesterday will understand. Chew

Impromptu Pitching aka PowerPoint Karaoke aka BattleDecks Made an Appearance.

Concept: Participants have 3 minutes onstage to present 4 slides they have NEVER seen about a fictitious company promising much mirth and mayhem.

Here’s how it worked out…

Haha! #sriot13 making developers give fake pitches for fake companies. Like mortal combat moves app and Internet for cats! #awesome!Melonie
"All you have to do is buy internet for cats, and your backyard will become an extravaganza for cats" hilarious #impromptupitch #sriot13”Ross Steinhilber
Amazingly, @startupriot has combined pitch improv with @wificat. #sriot13 @ The Tabernacle Kischuk
I’m not even gonna explain it. Your cat is gonna love it. Just buy it. #pptkareoke at #sriot13 #hilariousHUB Atlanta
"We need to export some people to Mars, and can be profitable in 90 days" #sriot13Jason Brett

Finally, the winning presentations were….

Third place goes to @teneightapp! #sriot13Startup Riot
Second place goes to Spensa Technologies! #sriot13Startup Riot
The next pitch up at #sriot13: Spensa Technologies >>> helping farmers lure/trap insects… G Cafe
@Excelegrade wins @StartupRiot. Go @villagecapital alumni. #sriot13Siddharth Doshi
And Excelegrade also got some media love from Fox5 Atlanta’s Justin Gray…
RT @AR__PR: Tonight’s @FOX5Atlanta audience will get to see @Excelegrade’s tech up close! #sriot13 Gray

Off Stage Happenings…

Harlem Shake Southern Style
Right before lunch, the entire audience got up and attempted a Atlanta version of the Harlem Shake. It was, shall we say, slightly awkward.
The Harlem Shake hits StartupRiot! #sriot13 McGreggor
Techie flash mob. Yes, that just happened. #sriot13 Ruth Williams
Exhibits & Swag!
The exhibit area was where all presenting companies had tables from which they could provide more in-depth explanations of their respective startups.
Great view from above #sriot13 N Thakur
@pipefishapp swag at #sriot13Jacqui Chew
#sriot13Jacqui Chew
Startup Riot Attendees were Powered by Octane Coffee
#sriot13Jacqui Chew
#sriot13Jacqui Chew
#sriot13Jacqui Chew
Brewing at the tabernacle all day! @octanecoffee #startupriotDaniel Mueller

And the companies that made So Startup Riot 2013 possible…

RT @jacquichew: #sriot13 sponsors. Thank you!! Cutts
And everyone was thrilled…
Startup Riot was really cool. I love seeing so many driven, passionate people interacting so well together. #sriot13sameera omar
What a great time @StartupRiot. So many great people and products. I hope to have follow up conversations with all I met today. #sriot13chuck job lang
@ap_sims I’ve had a blast! @tabernacleatl & #sriot13 Oberneder
@ap_sims I’ve had a blast! @tabernacleatl & #sriot13 Oberneder
To all the presenters who took the stage at #sriot13 today: you are far braver than we who sat and watched. Bravo!!Keith McGreggor
Best #sriot13 yet. Thanks @sanjay, team & presenters. See y’all next yearBill Cutts
You can see me and @kristaprada! “@StephenFleming: Panorama of @TabernacleATL, home of @startupriot #sriot13”Shelly Berryhill

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